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Engineering Consultancy

Construction projects need to deliver cost efficiency and greater value for money. Excellent project management, integrated teams and the innovative use of technology are prerequisites. Our dedicated team has a world class track record and the expertise to deliver your construction project.

Quality Management and ISO Certification

Assisting companies to resource, structure, and design processes to manage large infrastructure projects while aiming for certification under ISO 55000:2014. Use of ISO certification to identify risks and opportunities within a Company.

Asset Management

Collaboration with companies to develop a strategic approach to long term asset life cycle management and to assist companies with developing models to capture asset portfolio life cycles, providing long term capex and granular annual investment programmes.

Engineering Business Mentoring

Provide companies with a structured review of their service requirements, their organisational structure, the inhouse and outsourced expertise, and tools utilised to provide the service. EAM will provide a structured means of achieving your company goals by use of lean management tools and principles, guidance on people management, employee empowerment and development, business continuity planning, to increase efficiencies and creating value for the customer making the company more productive. EAM aims to create and implement mature processes based on actual customer’s demand. Continuous improvement is a major part of lean management, ensuring that every employee is involved in the process of improving.

Project Management

EAM’s core business is supporting our clients with the successful development and delivery of small and medium-sized capital projects. Our services range across the full project life cycle working on behalf of companies in the management and support of construction and maintenance projects of buildings, structures, civil infrastructure, mechanical and electrical systems, inclusive of capital investment engineering works.

Site Management

EAM has extensive on-site experience in the management of Client expectations, Contractor’s demands and Supplier related issues. We can provide engineering technical and design support, draft comprehensive reports, provide accurate recording of information and quality management. Our attention to detail delivering high-quality returns with accurate and realistic budget forecasting and control. We develop relationships to ensure a collaborative approach to successful project delivery.

Contract Management

Outsourced technical services are an integral part of our ability to support clients across the complete asset life cycle. From the analysis of the original O&M requirements to the compilation of comprehensive Service Level Agreements  (SLA) scopes, and the active management of the performance of these SLA’s.

Management of SLA’s to ensure consistent quality of asset management and maintenance contracts performance. EAM have extensive experience in the management of NEC 3 & 4 engineering and service contracts to ensure optimum contract performance including day to day contract compliance management, Service Instructions, Early Warnings, Risk Registers, Task Orders and Compensation Event management.

Managed Services

Managed service is a process where clients outsource the management of their asset portfolio. EAM Group would develop a full asset inventory and life-cycle model. From this EAM Group will derive both the routine and long terms asset management strategies. EAM Group will manage, and coordinate, all aspects of the routine maintenance contractors and provide management reports to assist the client with medium and long-term investment programmes.

Emergency Planning

EAM Group has experience in the development of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans for 24-hour operational centres.  This includes scenario development, emergency training, and the execution of tabletop and physical on-the-ground exercises. EAM Group can provide a forum for Pre-Mortems, umpiring and a mechanism for constructive feedback/lessons learned/hot and cold debriefing on tasks initiated.

Commissioning, Qualification and Verification

At EAM Group we believe that the implementation of high-quality testing (FAT/SAT/material testing) is crucial before life-critical systems can be fully operational in a live environment. Our commissioning qualification and verification service focusing on delivering a high-class system tested to the highest standards under rigorous control conditions.

Technical Specification Design Review

Supporting companies reviewing their service requirements to facilitate compilation of detailed User Requirement Specifications (USR), performance and technical specifications. EAM provides the technical input to ensure that replacement assets are fit for purpose and maximise the return on investment while providing the lowest cost of ownership.

We identify and solve problems on complex, large and small scale projects. Our innovative designs increase efficiency and improve performance on the following systems:

  • Civil Infrastructure
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • ICT and IT Control Systems
  • Integrated Traffic Management Systems
  • Control Room Design and Implementation



Our culture is centred on the flexibility, energy, and the proven ability to deliver.

Our culture is based on the foundation stones of our ambition, our passion, taking ownership, being transparent and our ethical ethos.

EAM Group will work collaboratively with your team to successfully deliver your project.

We will apply your specifications and standards and enhance these with our knowledge, expertise and experience.
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