The Duomo CO2MC has been developed to monitor levels of Carbon Dioxide in offices, schools, kitchens or labs. The monitor has a back-lit traffic light display. As CO2 levels increase the back-light will change from green to Yellow. If the levels continue to rise the back-light will change to red.

241.72 (297.32 inc VAT)


Product Features

  • Three colour (green/yellow/red) LCD backlight indicating ventilation requirement based on CO2 measurement
  • Non dispersive infrared sensing technology
  • Relay output to control a ventilator
  • Digital display of carbon dioxide levels (ppm)
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Dual alarm indication; audible alarm and backlight colour switch
  • Easy touch button for operation
  • Desktop or wall mounted

Product Information

The CO2MC CO2 Monitor & Controller monitors room CO2, temperature and humidity levels in offices, schools kitchens or laboratories. It provides one on/off volt-free relay output to control a ventilator. Features include four CO2 levels preset, an audible alarm and a traffic light back lit alarm display.

It is available to suit requirements, custom built or preset. The three standard versions are for use in kitchens, school classrooms and laboratories.

As automatic ventilation systems are not always installed the CO2MC allows users to decide themselves when ventilation is needed; putting control back into the hands of the user.

The location of the monitor, for example in classrooms or food technology rooms, dictates different thresholds for each colour change threshold. Not all classrooms or offices have an automatic ventilation system based on air quality and CO2 levels. The controller allows occupants to determine when additional ventilation is required; putting control back into the hands of the teachers.